Haoze Song  

I am a Ph.D. student of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong since 09/2020.
I work on database systems and currently focus on transactions and HTAP.
My advisor is Dr. Heming Cui.
Prior my current program, I received Bachelor of Engineering degree from
University of Science and Technology of China with outstanding graduates honour.

Contact: hzsong@cs.hku.hk
Office: Room 110, Main Building, HKU

Conference Papers
[ACM Eurosys'21] Achieving Low Tail-latency and High Scalability for Serializable Transactions in Edge Computing
Xusheng Chen, Haoze Song, Jianyu Jiang, Chaoyi Ruan, Cheng Li, Sen Wang, Gong Zhang, Reynold Cheng, Heming Cui
PDF / Code / Artifact Evaluated
Describe DAST (Decentralized Anticipating and STretching), a new geo distributed transaction system for achieving serializable and low-tail latency transactions among many edge computing datacenters and regions (e.g., cities/towns).
[ACM Performance'21] Efficient and DoS-resistant Consensus for Permissioned Blockchains
Xusheng Chen, Shixiong Zhao, Ji Qi, Jianyu Jiang, Haoze Song, Cheng Wang, Tsz On Li, Hubert Chan, Fengwei Zhang, Xiapu Luo, Sen Wang, Gong Zhang, Heming Cui
PDF / Code
Describe Eges, an SGX-powered distriburted consensus protocol for permissioned blockchains. Eges is the first protocol that can ensure both safety (consistency on confirming blocks) and good performance against tough DOS attacks, including targetting attacks on consensus nodes and network partition attacks.
CN 2021101523346.3 A system in achieving low tail-latency and high scalability for serializable transactions in edge computing. Xusheng Chen, Haoze Song, Jianyu Jiang, Heming Cui, Sen Wang, Peng Wang, and Gong Zhang
2021 Summer, 2022 Spring COMP-7305 Cluster and cloud computing, HKU, Teaching Assistant